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    For more information or purchase, please contact us through Facebook messenger or by e-mail addsdesign@addsdesign.com.tw
    We adopt the advanced material of carbon fiber and non-toxic ink on the insoles.
    We test every procedure to make sure everything in good conditions. All we insist to is provide the best AXLL® Classic-17 to you.

    Good design of the insoles can get heel cushioning when Heel Strike , and effectively re-distribute the pressure evenly, and the arch design can get strong support, they can provide foot and ankle stability when the gait cycle. Of course can provide feedback of energy, increasing propulsion force and reducing calf muscle fatigue.

    Four-Arch Design
    The Classic-17 is based on the professional and exclusive Four-Arch design. It supports your arches stably, and keeps your foot at long-term comfort.
    • Plantar pressure re-distribution.
    • Long-standing foot uncomfort relief.
    • Long-standing foot uncomfort relief.
    • Maintain ankle joint stable, prevent over-pronation and supination.


    Heel Hole and Heel Cup
    With the ultra unique design of heel hole and heel cup,the Classic-17 absorbs the burden to your feet and properly support it. It also keeps your subtalar joint mobilization on balance.

    Weighing 27g averagely, the Classic-17 provides the unprecedented comfort and incredible lightness. Just give it a try!

    In the size of ¾ length, the Classic-17 can be applied to any kind of shoes. No extra tailoring of the insoles is required to fit with your shoes. It’s convenient and easy to be used.



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