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Why do we need wear insole?

While we’re walking, the force on our foot is the equivalent of 1~1.5times our body weight. And the pressure is even greater when we’re running or doing exercises, which is up to three to four times our body weight. And with a prolonged standing would easily lead to foot or ankle problems such as cuff fatigue, joint instability and plantar fasciitis etc. Therefore, a pair of insoles plays a very important role to stabilize our joint and ankle, to increase shock absorption and distribute the pressure of our foot efficiently and lead to the result of less chance of injury and make us walk or run for a longer time.

Why do we choose carbon fiber?

Most products in insole market now are made of soft materials such as foam which lacks of stiffness and will be incapable to support our ankle after 3 months of use. By contrast, carbon fiber features in its stability and flexibility which is approximately 6800 times more rigid than foam. And it’s not only rigid enough to keep our foot bones steady but also enable us to make the insole into a light weight and slim shape, which could be applied into almost any kinds of shoes.

Why is the AXLL® classic-17 ¾ length only ?

Different from full length insoles, AXLL classic-17 ¾ length insoles can fit in most of types of shoes. There would be no worry about that the insoles won’t fit, nor have to buy another shoes just to adjust the insoles. Besides, it only takes few seconds to move them from one pair of shoes to another. No time will be wasted when you change your shoes.

How to use AXLL® classic-17?

Due to that it takes time to adjust the insoles for people who wear AXLL Classic-17 for the first time, please increase the duration day by day. On the first day for 1-2 hours, 2-3 hours for the next day, and so on, until your feet can adapt to bring all-day comfort insole support.

How long can a pair of AXLL shoe arch pad retain for use? Will there be any kind of deformation after use?

Given the reliability of our products, we offer a free 2-year warranty for our AXLL® Classic-17 carbon fiber insoles in normal use conditions. AXLL® Classic-17 are made of carbon fiber composites, which are rigid and hence maintain the shape of the insole and prevents deformation to provide sufficient support to our arch.

Most people prefer soft touch shoe pad for comfort reason, why AXLL arch pad is solid and hard?

Most of insoles manufacturers nowadays tend to use soft materials such as foam, EVA, PU or silicone. These materials may make users feel comfortable when first putting them on, yet after few months of use these materials are incapable of keeping our foot bones steady or even take us more energy than usual while walking and end up foot fatigue.

Contrarily, AXLL® Classic-17 carbon fiber features in its stability and flexibility, which is approximately 7000 times more rigid than foam. In addition, the flexibility of carbon fiber allows maximum energy storage and energy return during the movement of our foot. It gives us an increasing gait propulsion and help us walk, stand or run for a longer time.

When AXLL shoe arch pad first put on, people usually feel a bit un-smooth or even hurt, what was the cuase?

For people who have no experience with arch pad,the first difference they feel is a very good support in foot arch area, and the muscles in that area adjusting themselves to the new support.It is common to have a slight discomfort due to this adjustment in the first one or two weeks, there is no need to be worried.

Who should use AXLL shoe arch pad?

1. Long time standing people, long time walking people, hiking, jogging people, and sports lovers. 2.Foot ankle joints unstable people, sporting and working people who require stability of ankle joints. 3.Flat foot people, high foot arch people,and people suffering plantar fasciitis, foot pain, foot lame. 4.people who could suffer poor human mechanics symptom due to their works or sports habits.

What exercises or sports are best for the use of AXLL shoe arch pad?

AXLL pads can be used while doing sports, including stationed or moving sports(not including sports in water).The hiking is the safest and healthiest of all. A regular and steady pace is good to your heart and lung, the cardiopulmonary function increases while taking a hike.AXLL arch pads provide good resilence, making exercise lot easier and steady.(an average of 5KM/HR speed gives the best health effect, a saying of “10000 steps a day can keep health stay.

What ‘s the value of your shoe arch pad? What make it special and different than other similar products in the market?

AXLL pads reduce the impact from foot heel, support foot arch, increase stepping strength,making best transfer of human stepping energy to movement, and walking lot easier; it also distribute body weight evenly to our feet, correct our standing to up-right. Through the toughness and resilience natures of our compact aerospace carbon fiber glass, we have the supporting strength beyond any other arch pads you might find in the market, and to have the best walking energy transfer capability.

What is “ foot arch “? Is it necessary to know it?

As human always standing in their life, the foot arch constitute a very delicate structure to human body. The arch is composed of soft tissue like foot fascia, ligament, muscles, and bones of foot in a particular arrangement. This structure allow us to stand still and walk long, and the arch will adjust itself to the ground surface conditions. Should the arch fail to perform this function, or not functioned properly, the joints in our feet, knees, and hip would not perform correctly, causing pelvis and vertebral mis-placed. Most problems associated with knee joints, lower back pain, deformation of spine are results of foot problem.

Know AXLL®

The concept of AXLL® is the foundation of "Ace and Shield", uphold the toughness, stability, lightweight, innovative principles. Adhere to strict scientific evidence combined with fashion trends, to create "Mechanics" and "Aesthetics" both carbon fiber protectors, the achievements of the times with the professional brand.

The concept of AXLL® is the foundation of "Ace and Shield", uphold the toughness, stability, lightweight, innovative principles. Adhere to strict scientific evidence combined with fashion trends, to create "Mechanics" and "Aesthetics" both carbon fiber protectors, the achievements of the times with the professional brand.